Chris Vickery - About My Photography

I have been in love with photography and an active photographer for twenty five years. It has grown from curiosity to an obsession; that obsession is with light, all kinds of light, soft light, hard light, light in the morning, light in the evening, misty light, sunlight, shade. It started with landscape moved to people, onto documentary, back and around and from one to another. Hills, dales, seashore, piers, people on piers, people on the street, people in galleries, skateboarders and skaters there is a never ending fascination, of the world around me, and light.

I started with film and the timeless black and white silver image. Developing and printing my own work, the control of the creative process being the only way. Seeing the image in the viewfinder and visualising the finished picture as the shutter is pressed. More recently I have moved into the digital age, in my new light room I can use film, scanned, images old and new, conventional and now IR. The computer has opened up exciting new ways to look at the world through my lens, both conventional cameras; 35mm, medium format and now a digital camera to master and the learning goes on.

Please view the galleries; I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them.